by Purity Control

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released November 27, 2012

Music by Purity Control. Recorded at AudioLab by Chris Hegge 01/12. Mixed and mastered at Dead Air by Will Killingsworth.



all rights reserved


Purity Control Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Hardcore

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Track Name: Dear Life
Every day a dress rehearsal for the next. The worst is over. An incentive to be violent. Make me the man I want to be.
Track Name: Insect Politics
I can feel you gutting me. You still exist in my mind. I remember everything. Obsess, such an ugly word. Blindfolded, sifting through a landfill. You are pristine. Scrape my heart clean.
Track Name: Swallowing
Perfect view of desolation. I am not. Really here. Who I was. No one.
Track Name: Light Pollution
Time it just right. Get out alive. Model lives I learned to despise. We could never run from true love. Tie me to the single bed frame. Please nurse. Keep me from my teenage motivations. Beat the moral terror from my sockets. Closing in on feeling less than nothing. My own life I learned to despise. A numb collage of throwaways. My own life I learned to despise.
Track Name: Mock Suicide
Classic case of nothing better. Falling asleep. Do not let her. Down the road, not across the street. Lose control of extremities. Slip away to cold sweet nothing. Spill your guts. I'll do the cutting.
Track Name: Gag Order
Still sick. Sour black blonde. Double stitch my moving parts so nothing gets out. Your empty eyes wide with surprise. No longer frenzied or nervous. Your empty eyes wide with surprise. No longer frenzied or nervous. There are things that I would do to you if I was not so tired. I'm tired.