by Purity Control

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Six song 7" available November 2012 on High Anxiety/No Idea.

Pressing: 150 White/400 Black


released November 20, 2012

Music by Purity Control. Recorded at AudioLab by Chris Hegge 01/12. Mixed and mastered at Dead Air by Will Killingsworth. Cover photo by Alex Matuszczak



all rights reserved


Purity Control Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Hardcore

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Track Name: Holy Hell
Day one. Always day one. Repeating. Day two always remains out of reach. I can't say where we went wrong. Something you knew all along. I have zero self control. It's the only life I know. You confirmed my suspicion and in Hell you're shy and I'm polite. I am dying. Help me.
Track Name: Walking Distance
Every single cancerous memory binds me to an apathy that I can't dissolve. You still remain cold to the touch. When you came home six years ago I knew I would never be alone, but something's changed, home is somewhere new and I again find myself without you. Restraint is shown for the unknown. If you've changed the locks I'm breaking in. I'm coming home.
Track Name: Remote Viewing
Describe to me the things you see. Chalk it up to a lack of sleep, but still we have all those bad dreams. I hear you speak. What does it mean? In a coma would you touch me? Feel the shock vicariously. Then last night I watched as you were carried into oblivion.
Track Name: Bedroom Eyes
Pent up. Days turn to weeks. Failing to get past your knees. Swollen and rotten from lack of consent. Confusion resulting from your loveless sex. Where's your sincerity in your depravity? Leave me drowning in your fluids.
Track Name: Bite Marks
Quit while you're ahead. Lust will only bring you down. I want those girls to become part of me.
Track Name: Separation Anxiety
My life continues to decline. You can't say we didn't try. This is how I'll say goodbye. Just so you know, I don't want you. Take me away to nowhere fast. Please let me go. I want to leave. No.